As Enemies Arise

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Her knees have lost its skin to the ground.
The water cleanses, washes away their every sin.
The wooden floor hurts the open wounds ?
I have faith that his eyes are resting on me, his kingdom will come?.
A tender voice reaches the dream she was caught by again.
We need to get away from here, no one will save us from each other!?
From each other!
We are the pigs so kill us or be trembled by reason.
We are the wolves that will not let you touch our hearts.
There will be people like you for many more years,
It seems we´re stuck in evolution and we´re slowly drowning.
It´s our duty to take care of our freedom, it´s the greatest gift we got. It´s our life,
It´s my freedom. All this time, all my life.
I believe in world where we have opened our eyes.

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